Sid Mashburn

Ghost Blazer in Forest Wool Hopsack

$400.00 USD $995.00 USD

Soft, slubby Italian hopsack makes this a textured riff on the simplest tailored piece we’ve got. The Ghost is the blazer Sid's been wearing twice a week since it launched. In fact, it's one of “[his] favorite things we've ever made.” It’s totally unconstructed and stripped down — like a more dressed-up Butcher, if you're keeping score at home — with no lining, no darts, pickstitched spalla camicia shirtsleeve construction, and these crazy, almost Surrealist-feeling buttons made of unlacquered brass. The pockets on the front are special, too: we designed them so that you can tuck in the flaps (without looking like you just tucked in the flaps) for a more open look. Fit-wise, it's slim but still easy, just like our other jackets. Slip it on (or take it off and hold it up to the light) and you'll see why we call it the Ghost... it's so lightweight that it feels like wearing nothing at all. And, per Sid, you can dress it as far up or down as you want: “The most elegant man in the world could wear it and a guy in a t-shirt could wear it.”

Content + Care: 100% wool. Dry clean only. 


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