Sid Mashburn

Kincaid No.2 Jacket in Juniper Wool Hopsack by Sid Mashburn

$500.00 USD $1,250.00 USD

How many green jackets does a man need, anyway? Well... at least one. (Unless you're Nick Faldo, who apparently has three.) Pro or not, this Italian hopsack makes a really good one. It's got a great texture to it thanks to a heavy dose of linen, and it makes a great springtime piece, especially when dressed down with a polo or a pair of sneakers. Or both! The No. 2 jacket make is fully canvassed, with a lightweight, single-layer canvas that'll mold and meld to your body (in a sportier, easier way than our more structured Nos. 3, 4, or 5,) with pickstitched, spalla camicia shirtsleeve construction. And our Kincaid model has a natural shoulder, a 2-button front, and a shorter, darted body with a little tracing for a fit that's slimmish but never skinny. While we always go for an American-Italian blend, the Kincaid leans a bit more sartoria than the Virgil or the Landry. But just like all of our tailored clothing, it's designed to take you from Mississippi to Manhattan to Milan — and back again — without looking or feeling out of place.


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