Sid Mashburn

Short Sleeved Polo in Clover Pique by Sid Mashburn

$95.00 USD

A polo's one of those things that almost everyone's got in his closet, but we think ours is kind of special. It's got a cut-and-sew collar supported by a collar band, just like a sport shirt, which means it can stand up on its own or under a jacket. There's a straight (vs. banded) sleeve for a more grown-up vibe, a tennis tail that can go tucked-in or not, and no branding except for a tiny SM at the lower left hem, embroidered in green. And it's made from Peruvian pima pique that's airy and rugged at the same time. Pima's like the cashmere of cotton. It only gets softer – without pilling, without clinging – the more you wear it. It's a polo worthy of every single day.

  • Peruvian pima pique
  • 100% cotton
  • cut-and-sew collar
  • tennis tail
  • Peru
  • machine wash cold, hang dry, medium iron

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