Claus Porto

Soap Box Classico 3x150g

$65.00 USD

If you are fond of classic fragrances, this is your perfect pick. Together, they offer an aromatic experience that goes from the relaxing notes in the Lavandre soap, the woody and polished notes from 8741, to the floral notes in Chic. These three colorful soaps are wrapped in vintage Belle époque-inspired packaging, and are part of the brand’s unique story. A box of scented treasures.

8741’s fruity, woody fragrance plays with the contrasting notes of pear and geranium, adding sandalwood and musk to create a subtle yet lingering scent.

Chic is floral and yet surprising. Its fragrance blends notes of classic lavender and forget-me-not, with unexpected pink pepper and kiwi, which changes the floral rules. Tonka and musk are added for a gourmand grand finale.

Lavandre is inspired by the classic scent of Lavender, this fragrance combines it with tonic eucalyptus and green pine. Lemony green geranium and earthy patchouli are added in this tribute to the elegance of timeless fougères.


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