Striped Shirting Charlie Men's Slim Shirt in Blue Multi

$345.00 USD

This assortment serves as your WOFs (Without Fails) and are designed to create space in your wardrobe for creativity and experimentation. No matter how extreme your closet may become, these pieces serve as the grounding element that ties everything together. With CMC built into its DNA, the Charlie Slim Men’s Shirt continues to be a style staple in everyday life. Now featured in a striped shirting, this new variation will become your go-to sartorial saviour this season and beyond. In short: this defining Italian textile creates for “the good shirt”, never failing to provide that just right friction between familiarity. Pair back to the Tropical Wool Long Trouser Skirt in Navy and Seth Sneaker for the ultimate CMC outfitting.

Content + Care: 100% Cotton


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