Sabina Savage

The Heralds of the Hours Oxford Shirt Gifts of the Gods in Papyrus/Parchment by Sabina Savage

$360.00 USD $900.00 USD

This design features a flock of majestic Egyptian geese. The birds are hovering over a field of reeds and a pool of fish, topped by an ornate stone inlay of a winged sun. The design has a border of carved geese and ceramic canopic jars at the base, finished with a delicate edging of hanging pendants. The classic oxford shirt has a traditional shirt collar and a loose-fitting body with added volume in the sleeves, draping to a fitted cuff. This shirt is made from our classic silk twill, allowing for vibrant colours and a gentle sheen. Using her signature illustrations, Sabina has engineered the print around each garment to create stunning day and evening wear pieces.

Content + Care: 100% Silk Twill. Dry Clean Only. Made in London.


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