Washable Cashmere Shrunken Cardigan in Navy

$575.00 USD

This assortment serves as your WOFs (Without Fails) and are designed to create space in your wardrobe for creativity and experimentation. No matter how extreme your closet may become, these pieces serve as the grounding element that ties everything together. The Washable Cashmere Shrunken Cardigan is created in a wool and cashmere blend, that is in fact washable. Multi-hyphenate by design and newly available in two fundamental colors for our WOF selections, Light Heather Gray and Navy, this shrunken, long sleeve style is a true WOF that can be paired with the classic wash denim Sid Jean and Washable Cashmere Cami for an easy PDW look.

Content + Care: 70% Wool, 30% Cashmere


1 piece in stock.


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