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I pride myself on my problem-solving skills. If you asked me my biggest strength, that would be it. Since mid-March those skills have been tested, to say the least – not just for my store, but everything around me.  I’m sure you understand as you are re-arranging everything in your own life.

I think it is safe to say most, if not all, small businesses are struggling. I often worry not just about the brick and mortar locations, but the brands and designers inside the stores. What if you are an independent designer who sells your work at different shows and festivals that happen throughout the year? I mean those events are gone, and nobody knows when they are coming back.

I had a moment of clarity the other day and figured out a small way I might be able to help. I have a beautiful courtyard (although my friend Sue always tells me I need to up my landscape game) that is the perfect spot for me to host local designers. This isn’t a trunk show; it is more of a “pop-out,” a store within (or outside) a store. Friday, August 14th through Sunday, August 17 we will launch our first installment of what I’m calling “Courtyard of Creators, a curated series of women creators and makers.” The inaugural weekend, along with the next few, will be Women of Color Creators and Makers.

Our first designer will be a local designer I met for the first time at the warehouse sale, Cynthia Spriggs of 3Shades Chic. She had beautiful jewelry, was so kind, and had her mom there to help. I am always a sucker for a family business. I called Cynthia and asked if she would help me launch this series.

Her jewelry line’s name represents how many times each piece is handcrafted. The word “shades” represents the three shades of beautiful women in her family, and “chic” embodies the look of the pieces. Cynthia has a background in interior design and understands how to mix color and texture to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces.

Click the link below for guidelines on how to apply for future dates, the deadline to apply for the first four weekends is August 20.  

The first weekend is the perfect time to stop by since it is Alexandria’s Sidewalk Sale weekend. Come check out Cynthia’s beautiful pieces that range in price from $25 to $85. What a great weekend to come to Old Town!

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