Boy Smells

Cashmere Kush Fragrance Spray

$98.00 USD

Cash out and dream easy with CASHMERE KUSH, the GENDERFUL™ Fine Fragrance, as an eau de parfum. Dual-ly noted with intoxicating notes of powdery musk and tulips with cashmere woods and amber will have you feeling your most luxurious version of Genderful. Mother nature is calling you into a soft rebellion of far out clouds and lush scent, as infinite as you are.

Embrace the full spectrum of your identity and scent accordingly. Boy Smells’ GENDERFUL™ Fine Fragrances celebrate your complexities by mixing traditionally masculine and feminine scent notes together.  Cleanly formulated, using master perfumery techniques these perfumes are made for modern identities that defy definitions. So, break expectations and express your higher nature with this eau de parfum.


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