Crispy Nylon Stella Pleated Cargo Pant in Navy

$395.00 USD

This assortment serves as your WOFs (Without Fails) and are designed to create space in your wardrobe for creativity and experimentation. No matter how extreme your closet may become, these pieces serve as the grounding element that ties everything together. As part of the Spring 2020 show, the crispy nylon pleated cargo pant quickly became an outfit staple for the creative pragmatist. A similar shape to the classic Stella pant, this nylon version has a relaxed cargo pocket, but maintains the same level of elevated functionality. Made in a nylon blend, these pants possess the relaxed elegance needed to transition from the grocery store, to the office, to evening with the right shoes. This is the ultimate PDW for customers who are continuing to build out their ideal wardrobe.

Content + Care: 55% Polyamide 45% Polyester


1 piece in stock.


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